• ATRIX General Ledger is based on the simple “Double entry Bookkeeping” principle. That is each transaction is entered as a debit and as a credit from a journal Nominal either prepared manually or from other financial modules in tegrated to the General Ledger.

    Multi-Division, Multi-Currency Consolidation General Ledger fully supports multi-company, multi-division, and multicurrency financial accounting. All financial results can be tracked and reported at the individual operating unit level and then consolidated.

    Control and Consistency Fiscal calendars, accounting period definitions, and closing rules provide control and consistency for applications that impact the general Ledger. Transactions from other applications are designed to integrate with General Ledger seamlessly.

    Flexible Chart of Accounts At the heart of the General Ledger is a multi-dimensional Chart of Accounts that enables the user to perform powerful financial analysis and performance measurements. The user-defined structure can be changed easily and dynamically as your business evolves.

    Multinational Capabilities Transactions may be posted in any currency and are automatically converted to “home” currency for financial reporting and consolidation. Currency conversion and exchange rates are based on rate effectively by date or by user entry.

    Journal Nominal Entry: Which includes the entry of the normal daily Nominal, correction, Adjustment and Recurring Nominal.

    Journal Nominal Posting: Which includes the posting of the normal daily, Nominal (Online), as well as the batch posting?

    User-Defines Chart of Accounts: The user will be able to construct the company, or branch, chart of accounts utilizing the GL chart of account module. The user will be able to define the account category, levels, headers, sub-totals, and total accounts.

    Budget Allocation: The system will provide the user with the capabilities of assigning budget for each Account and each cost center. The system will maintain the actual transaction amount for each account and each cost center to produce the comparison report against budget.

    Financial Periods: The system provides the user with the flexibility of defining the number of periods, within the same financi al year, and the start and end date for each period.

    Period End Processing: The Financial period can only be closed when the end date for that period has been reached. Once a financial period has been closed, no transactions will be allowed for that peri od. The system allows the user to open more than one period at the same time.

    Year-End Processing: At the end of the financial year, all periods must have been closed including the last period. The year -end processing is to close the financial year and produce all the necessary year-end reports.
  • The exchange rate for all currencies, that can be used, is maintained the system maintain an exchange rate table, against home currency, to be used for calculating the home currency equivalent during transaction posting and report printing.

    The system in fully integrated with all ATRIX financial and distribution modules.

    Automated transaction posting for the integrated modules. Internal transactions between modules are all automated. The system generates the internal transactions and posts them directly to the assigned GL accounts.

    Strict validation of each journal voucher detects invalid accounts, codes, differences, and allows the user to make corrections immediately.

    The system allows retaining any number of complete year’s data for random inquiry at any time.

    The system provides the user with revaluation process for foreign currency accounts. The revaluation process provides the user with the revaluation report for approval before processing the generated transactions to the profit and loss accounts.

    The system provides the user with a sophisticated query features to allow for the user to inquire about the daily transactions for any account, budget differences, Cost center query…Etc.

    The system provides the user with a report writer facility that allow him to obtain all the various financial reports such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss reports and other user defined reports.
  • Drill down from any balance to transaction detail
  • User-defined query profiles
  • Any query in any currency
  • Real-time, online balances
  • ATRIX General Ledger provides the user with number of standard reports that are produced upon the user request the following some of it.
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Voucher’s data entry
  • GL Analysis Journal
  • Detailed transactions for account
  • Trial balance
  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Budget against actual for Accounts & Cost Cen
  • User-defined formats and formulas
  • Currency selection
  • Income statements and balance sheets
  • Consolidation roll-ups
  • Comparative reports with user -defined periods
  • Budget reports
  • Report multiple periods, quarters, and years
  • Interim reporting

    • ATRIX Accounts Receivable module is used to record d etails of goods and services provided on credit in any currency. All customer service and cash flow management invoice, inquiry capabilities, as well as audit reporting functions recorded, ATRIX Accounts Receivable provides this critical visibility while giving you the tools you need to optimize cash and credit management for both local and international trade.

      ATRIX Accounts Receivable module is fully integrated with the ATRIX General Ledger, and Sales Management “Order Processing” modules.

      Maximize Return on Assets Accounts receivable helps maximize your return on assets by providing a focused collection system to keep cash outstanding to a minimum – while supplying the credit controls necessary to avoid bad debt losses.

      Improve Cash Management By automatically calculating and highlighting all due amounts and net due dates, the solution can help you improve cash management and collection functions. The solution also provides a number of reports designed to analyze cash flow, focus collection activity and enhance management.

      Flexible Cash Applications With Accounts Receivable, you can apply cash by invoice number, customer number, or location code. The solution lets you choose the cash application method that bests suits your needs.

      Customer Information Management The customer file is the central repository of local and international customer information. In addition to providing name and address data, the solution establishes processing policies for customer billto locations. The system also maintains complete and comprehensive customer histories.

      Multinational Capabilities With Accounts Receivable, you can use local and international customer information to control payment discounting, billing, tax, credit and statement processing. Based on changes in currency rates, you can revalue receivables and post variances. Value-added taxes, and exchange rate variances.
  • Accounts Receivable Documents Support for invoices, credit memos, debit memos, and notes receivable Maintain information created by ATRIX Billing Create accounts receivable document information General ledger account distribution Currencies with exchange rates Currency rate freeze Revalue documents for currency excha nge rate changes with variances

    Customer Information Cycle code for statements, billing, and sorting Customer remit-to location Credit limit and status at enterprise, custome r, or location level Flexible statement processing Optional service charges Balance forward or open item accounting
  • Multi-Company, Multi-Branch, and Multi-Currency.

    Controlled posting to the interfaced modules in batches.

    The system is fully integrated with the ATRIX General Ledger, and Customer Order Processing modules.

    Strict validation of each transaction detects invalid account codes and differences, and allows the user to make the necessary corrections immediately.

    The user can make posting to the next accounting period before closing the current period. This en ables data to be processed without disruption of the period-end processing. Features period report can be produced at any time.

    Cash flow forecasts show receipts due over future periods. A range of classifications can report these receipts.

    Facilities for discount terms and discount percentage.

    Customer’s Total Sales, receipts and discounts are maintained for each period.
  • Customer List
  • Customer Balance Summary
  • Individual Account with Search
  • Individual Document with Search
  • Transaction List
  • Invoice Register
  • Customer Ledger
  • Customer Account Statement
  • Customer Trial Balance
  • Aging Analysis
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Customer credit limit exceed
  • Customers dues
  • Customer Information
  • Customer Labels for Mailings

    • Effective management of payables has a direct impact on profitability. With proper controls in place, such as scheduled payments, you can take advantage of supplier discounts and significantly lower your purchasing costs. ATRIX helps you establish the necessary controls within a well-structures accounting framework.

      The accounts payable module is fully integrated with the ATRIX General Ledger, and Stock Control modules.

      Versatile Design Accounts Payable can be used in both centralized or decentralized operations. The system handles chargeable material supply items, vouchering, and the direct allocation of supplier charges to work orders. An invoice approval process allows you to approve invoices either by batch or on an individual basis. Disbursements can be made transfer or check.

      Payment Scheduling To optimize the effects of cash disbursements on profitability, the system provides a payment-scheduling capability to ensure that you take full advantage of all supplier discounts. Visibility of invoice disbursements is achieved through integration with the requisition and purchase order approval capabilities.

      Integrated Costing and Procurement Accounts Payable invoice entries are matched with purchase order receiving to facilitate the update of purchasing, inventory, and work-in process records. Vouchering of purchase order receipts supports the calculation of purchase price variances and allows pay-on-receipt processing for Just-In-Time (JIT) vendors.

      Complete and Accurate Ledgers Online invoice processing facilitates the full distribution of costs for material and services to multiple general ledger accounts. The system is fully integrated to support direct charge posting to work-in-progress accounts. Automatic amount balancing during invoice entry ensures complete and accurate ledger updating.

      Payment Generation and Bank Reconciliation A systematic process is provided for the check creation, printing and reconciliation cycle. An onscreen function helps you select and consolidate the invoices you wish to pay, then set up and print the checks. A check reconciliation capability ensures that bank cash accounts are correct.
  • Global Supplier Management Within Accounts Payable, you can manage information on local and international suppliers, with multiple locations, controlling payment terms, discounting, account posting and receipt vouchering. Provisions for handling foreign currencies and value-added taxation are also provided. Supplier histories allow for price, quality of material and delivery performance measurement.

  • Supplier name and address in international format
  • Multiple location types
  • Variable payment terms and methods
  • Supplier bank information
  • Selection of preferred currency and language and payment method
  • Sales tax controls
  • Supplier contacts, names and memo information
  • Supplier history
  • Controlled posting to the interfaced modules in batches.
  • Supplier pay an invoice in any currency
  • Variable selection of invoices by bank or payment date, or by date or supplier
  • Strict validation of each transaction detects invalid account codes and differences, and allows the user to make the necessary corrections immediately.
  • Individual and batch invoice processing and approval
  • The user can make posting to the next accounting period before closing the current period. This enables data to be processed without disruption of the period-end processing. Future period report can be produced at any time.
  • Automated payment queue for invoicing by user -defined criteria
  • Supplier accounts can be maintained on an ‘open item’. ‘Balance forward’, or ‘never cleared’ basis.
  • User-defined agency periods.
  • The system handles cash purchasing as well as credit purchasing.
  • Cash flow forecasts show payments due over future periods. A range of classifications can report these payments.
  • Supplier List
  • Supplier transactions List
  • Invoice Register
  • Supplier Ledger
  • Supplier Account Statement
  • Supplier Trial Balance
  • Aging Analysis
  • Pending Invoices
  • Due payments

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