Fixed Assets

  • ATRIX Fixed Assets System has a comprehensive range of built-In features. The system is integrated with the ATRIX General Ledger Module where the depreciation charges are posted.

    ATRIX Fixed Assets Module handles the following functions:

  • The types of Depreciation.
  • he Location of Assets (Location, Area, Building, Flo or and Room Level)
  • The responsible person of an Asset.
  • Depreciation Rate
  • Depreciation Types.
  • Scrapping an Asset.
  • Selling an Asset.
  • YTD Depreciation.
  • Integration with ATRIX General Ledger.

  • Multi-Company, Multi-Branch and Multi-Currency.
  • Fully integrated with the ATRIX General Ledger.
  • Assets are classified into classes and Groups.
  • Every Asset class has a General Ledger Account Number, which is identified as General Ledger Depreciation Account.
  • The system contains General Ledger Account for the Following:
      Debtor’s Account.
      Gain On Sale of Assets
      Loss in Scales Assets
      Miscellaneous Losses.
  • The system handles the disposed assets and/or the assets, which are to be sold.
  • There is the facility to retain and report the complete history of the depreciation, transfer and disposal of each asset.
  • Depreciation can be by the straight line or reducing balance method and can be calculated on an annual and monthly basis.

  • Depreciation Types.
  • Asset Groups.
  • Asset Classes.
  • General Ledges Depreciation Accounts.
  • Reports of the assets in a Specified Location.
  • Physical Inventory.
  • Depreciated Assets.
  • Sold Assets.
  • Scrapped Assets.
  • Reevaluated Assets.
  • Assets by Responsibility.
  • History of Assets.
  • Assets Movement.
  • Purchased assets between dates
  • Monthly report for assets
  • Assets transaction in list

  • Services provided by Atrix ERP