Application Support & Maintenance

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Support & Maintenance

Application Support Services

Once applications are delivered, we don’t just walk away – we’re in it for the long-term. Even if a client is not an existing our customer we can take any application or system and provide full, consistent and dedicated support for the remainder of its life.
For existing clients, our support agreements are integrated with the software we provide. This means clients get full, uninterrupted access to our support organisation from the moment the system is launched.
We work to an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA), which means we’re committed to responding to client needs quickly through our in-house front-line support team and our development & QA team.

Application Support Process

All support and development change requests are logged in our in-house online helpdesk system and tracked by our dedicated helpdesk support staff. If our support team cannot solve the problem or answer the question immediately – or if the ticket is related to a new feature development – they will escalate the issue to a member of the Development or Quality Assurance (QA) team so that any issue can be rapidly resolved or implemented by the relevant in-house expert.

What we DO

Level 1 Support

Our L1 support engineers keep a close eye on initial notifications to be sure we can respond immediately. If issues concerning low network performance, application stability and others arise, the team will analyze the information, and determine the best way to resolve a problem.

Our L1 services cover:

  • Basic support and troubleshooting.
  • System availability and performance monitoring.
  • Back-office activities: modifying accounts, password resets, communication with end users.

Level 2 Support

If the issue doesn’t require changes to the source code, our L2 engineers will restore the system as quickly as possible.

Our L2 engineers can:

  • Configure servers.
  • Deploy monitoring systems.
  • Move IT infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Provide DevOps services.

If the system malfunction is caused by issues in the source code, the support request will be assigned to a Level 3 engineer.

Level 3 Support

Our L3 engineers will provide expert troubleshooting of complex technical issues such as:

  • Fixing Bugs.
  • Performing audit and code review.
  • Updating legacy apps.
  • Implementing new features.