Tag Tech

TAG is a comprehensive, innovative strategic planning, Program Based budgeting, and Program reporting solution that can be used either stand-alone or as an add-on that integrates with existing financial management systems.


TagTech Erp System

TAG tracks program performance throughout the year with customizable scorecards, dashboards, dials, graphs, and reports, facilitating directed decision-making and enabling improved allocation of resources.
Program-Based Budgeting Software for central, regional and local government bodies as well as affiliated companies. TAG is an innovative cloud-based software that provides performance management by integrating strategic planning, Program budgeting, Program reporting and Program analysis. The solution creates plans, budgets, reports as well as goal charts for management.

TagTech Features

  • Creates strategic plans, Program budgets and reports.
  • Higher level goals linked to supporting activities.
  • Displays goal strategies and costs.
  • TAG goal charts for easy navigation.
  • Clear line-of-sight between the goals of every manager and outcomes.
  • Flexible, adaptable and scalable to your organization.

TagTech Benefits

  • Maintain constant awareness of all programs and activities.
  • Ensure every activity makes meaningful contributions to goals.
  • Provides tools to manage-for-results and demonstrate skills.
  • Enable users to understand and implement performance management.
  • Implement program-based budgeting with a reference guide.
  • Exceptional transparency and accountability for Government work.
  • Ability to distinguish activities that are efficient.
  • Rich and intuitive graphical interface for enhanced user experience.
  • Gives managers the tools to actually manage for results.
  • Motivates continuous improvement in program effectiveness.
  • Supports Activity-based Costing / Management (ABC/M).
  • Link Any Goal’s Costs to Line-item Budget.
  • Can Be Integrated with Existing Systems.

TagTech Moduls​

(1) Building structure modeling (BSM)

Building structure modeling is central repository of the structure information of an organization in which the summaries of all organization departments and affiliated agency. It provides the entire data for each node, there will be information pertaining to details and description of responsibilities for the organization.

(2) General Ledger (GL)

General ledger is central repository of the accounting information of an organization in which the summaries of all financial transactions during an accounting period are recorded. Also called the book of final entry, it provides the entire data for preparing financial statements for the organization. Allows public entities to manage the diverse streams of revenue received and monitor respective restrictions. Every line item is allocated to a department and all items are rolled into one master budget.

(3) Program Management Framework (PMF)

Program Management Framework is a comprehensive program management system that enables the organization to be results-oriented, well-managed and high-performing. Creates strategic plans, program budgets and Program reports that can include the goals and strategies, and the associated costs and results, for every program. It provides a structured process for clearly linking every activity of every program and support function to the annual and long-term goals of the agency. Develop program budgets that contain meaningful goals and effective strategies that are effective in guiding the agency and its program activities at every level.

(4) Public Sector Budgeting (PSB)

Public Sector Budgeting application is a comprehensive Web-based solution that supports the entire organization through the complete budget development and management lifecycle. The software offers flexible and powerful public sector–specific functionality to help you improve efficiency, leverage integration, facilitate transparency, enable accountability, and optimize financial and human resources. The application can work as stand-alone application or integrate with any other software. Support Line Item Budgeting and Program Based Budgeting. Application can import Line Item Budgeting and convert it to Program Based Budgeting.

(5) Activity Based Costing / Management (ABC/M)

Activity Based Costing / Management provides reliable views of not only the resource spent but also the costs of work activities, costs of processes involved in these activities, and the total and unit costs of the various outputs deriving from the activities, they have a stronger basis for making decisions. TAG ABC/M system provides a good starting point for any non-profit or public sector organization to model its cost behavior. It is a solution looking for problems—and all organizations have problems. ABC/M provides a top-down look at how an organization’s resources get used, why, by whom, and how much. This is very logical and elementary.

Programming language used for TagTech