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With more than 20 years of experience in ERP development, Enterprise Solutions provides implementation services, including consulting, configuration, customization (tuning the platform and custom development), migration, integration. We also deliver support and evolution services. We help to support sales, service, and marketing efforts for various industries.

Enterprise Solutions Implementation Stages



At this stage, we analyze your existing business needs and define business objectives that Enterprise Solutions should support (be it increasing salespeople’s productivity, reducing long sales cycles or creating a comprehensive customer view). Then we elaborate the ways to achieve your business goals with Salesforce functionality and think about necessary customizations and integrations that make the solution fully compliant with your requirements. We also thoroughly plan the implementation process to perform its every step in due time and stay within the budget.


Customization and configuration

We can tailor your solution in two ways, which are different in complexity, cost and the level of the platform’s modification. Configuration implies modifying default capabilities with point-and-click tools. By contrast, customization is a development process, allowing to deeper tailor the platform with Apex code, if large-scale changes are required to meet your business objectives.



We perform integrations to make your Enterprise Solutions solution seamlessly work with third-party systems, such as ERP, ecommerce platforms, document management systems, and ensure increased visibility of data flows across integrated applications.


Data transfer from OLD CRM

We smoothly migrate your data into the new Enterprise Solutions solution without data loss or corruption, system downtime and impact on your business processes. Due to analyzing and structuring your legacy data before the migration, the data remains well-structured and ready to use as soon as it is migrated. To further support data quality after its migration, we develop rules of data structuring (for instance, duplicate rules).



We provide training to increase user adoption and help users to adapt to the capabilities of the delivered Enterprise Solutions-based solution, make the best possible use of Enterprise Solutions default and custom features and enhance employee productivity.



After we create a custom Enterprise Solutions-based solution in the development environment and QA engineers test it, the solution is migrated to the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment where the representatives of the customer company can try the solution’s functionality and make sure it works as required. If the customer accepts the project, ScienceSoft’s experts launch the new Enterprise Solutions solution to the production environment and make it available to the customer’s employees.


After-launch support

We provide on-demand after-launch support services at the beginning of the Enterprise Solutions usage (for instance, during the first 3 months after launch). These services allow tuning features and taking measures to increase user adoption in addition to user training (consult on any Enterprise Solutions-related issues, provide release notes, etc.).

Evolution & Continuous Support

Continuous support services include further tuning of Enterprise Solutions features and processes to meet your organizational changes. They also entail developing of custom apps that may be required to see to your business needs arising after the implementation.